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What makes a great startup team

There’s no single metric for startup success, but no business can succeed without a great team. As The Swequity Exchange II goes into its second week, we spoke with Eoghan Jennings from StartUpBootcamp about what you should look for in a team, and how you make a strong team into a successful company.

Eoghan is former CFO of Xing , Director of Startubootcamp, Director of new health technology business accelerator, Health XL. He’s worked with a number of startups, and he’s passionate about creating a thriving, healthy, and self-aware culture for startups in Ireland and across Europe.

What are some of the experiences you’ve had of startup teams that really worked?

I think one of the best experiences I had working with a team in the last 18 months was one of the teams from Startup Bootcamp who had clearly delineated roles.

I don’t think they’d even written them down, but it was clear that they all knew who did what. There was a developer, a product guy, and a CEO, and the CEO’s job was all about promoting the business, articulating it, and deciding on strategy. The three of them worked night and day, and they communicated really closely.

The Launchpad teams

What are some of the common things teams get wrong?

I think maybe they go into it with a clearly defined idea of who is going to do what, and what everyone is supposed to do, but it gets all confused somewhere along the way. So you’ll have a developer trying to be a designer and a designer trying to be a CEO.

Another big problem is having the word “chief” near startups. There is no chief, just a lot of work to be done, and it’s a matter of who is best placed to do that work.


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Posted on November 12th, 2012 by fiona